New and Used Tools in Edmonton

if you’re looking for new and used industrial tools in Edmonton at great prices, turn to the professionals at GD Liquidators. We carry hand tools, power tools, and air tools from top manufacturers like DeWalt®, Makita® and RIDGID®. Serving trades of all types, we keep Edmonton working every day. With over 65,000 square feet of warehouse space, we have an unbeatable selection. Our experienced professionals have over 150 years of combined experience and will find what you need quickly so that you can get back on the job.

New and Used Combo Wrenches


Whether you need versatility, impact, or brute strength, combo, hammer, and structural wrenches are essential for any professional trade. We have tools in stock and readily available at our expansive warehouse.

New and Used Impact Sockets


We have a large selection of versatile and durable chrome and impact sockets available. At GD Liquidators, we stock long-lasting and corrosion-resistant chrome and impact sockets that are essential tools for any toolbox.

New Welding Supplies


Our premium selection of high-quality welding supplies will help you get the job done efficiently and without delay. Choose from top-of-the-line equipment that are in stock and readily available, saving you valuable time, money, and effort.

New Screwdrivers and Pliers


From ergonomic handles and high-quality tips to durable designs, you can find exactly what you need with our wide selection of screwdrivers and pliers. Choose from different sizes and applications and build a versatile toolbox.

Dewalt Drills New Power Tools


If you’re looking for premium power tools at a fraction of the cost, you can find them here at GD Liquidators. We offer new and used power tools that match your budget without compromising quality.

Used Tools - New Consumables Stock


Save money and time with readily available expandable supplies. When you need a regular stock of consumables during a project, you can trust GD Liquidators to have the right equipment at competitive prices.

Used Fall Protection Equipment


We understand the importance of keeping workers safe and secure in high-risk environments. From sturdy harnesses to anchor points, we supply fall protection equipment that meets industry standards and ensures maximum protection.

New Black Tool Cabinet Bench


Take your organization and efficiency to the next level with our premium tool cabinets. Choose from a variety of cabinet sizes and types that are durable, secure, and come with innovative features.

Drill Bits New and Used Tools


We have the tools you need to tackle any project. Our wide selection includes specialized tools, measuring instruments, and more. Visit our warehouse during business hours and upgrade your toolkit.


Our team is ready to help you find what you need for your business

With an impressive 100,000 square feet of warehouse space dedicated to our inventory, GD Liquidators offers a vast selection of both new and used furnishings. Our extensive stock, combined with our commitment to providing no-obligation estimates, ensures that you can find the furniture, tools, and equipment you need to elevate your business operations within a budget that suits you. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in navigating through our expansive warehouse, guiding you to find furnishings that perfectly complement your office space and equipment that enhances productivity and safety. Count on us to provide you with high-quality products at competitive prices, allowing you to make valuable investments in your business’s success.

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