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Enhance your warehouse efficiency and organization with a robust pallet racking system. The right pallet racking system can help you streamline manual operations and save valuable time and effort. When it comes to optimizing your commercial storage space in Edmonton, GD Liquidators is your reliable partner. We offer a wide range of pallet racks, including various sizes and accessories, tailored to meet your unique storage needs. Our inventory allows you to create a simple system or modify your existing racking. Come to our warehouse during usual business hours to view our selection.

New pallet racking for Warehouse


We carry selective pallet racking commonly used in warehouses and distribution centres. The key feature of selective pallet racking is that it allows for direct access to every pallet, without the need to move other pallets.

New Reel Racking for Warehouse


The primary purpose of reel racking is to facilitate easy access and retrieval of reels while maintaining their integrity. By storing reels in an organized manner, it minimizes the risk of damage, tangling, or deformation.

Used Cantilever Racking for Bulky Items


Choose from our selection of cantilever racking specifically designed to store long, bulky, or irregularly shaped items such as lumber, pipes, steel bars, furniture, and other similar products, providing a space-saving collusion.

New Pallet Racking Mesh Decking


Need to modify your racking to fit your needs? We carry a wide selection of racking accessories that can enhance your pallet racking’s functionality, safety, organization, and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pallet Racking is a storage solution for storing materials and inventory on pallets. Pallet Racking allows you to maximize storage by capitalizing on the vertical space in your warehouse. It also allows you to streamline your operations since you can easily identify where items are and how they’re accessed. There are a variety of pallet racking systems that can be customized to your specific needs and space.

GD Liquidators offers three kinds of pallet racking systems, which include selective pallet racking, reel racking, and cantilever racking. We also provide pallet racking accessories. All of our pallet racking systems are available in new and pre-owned conditions. Our team can help you decide which pallet racking system best fits your unique needs and space.

Pallet racking systems can accommodate multiple weight classes, from light inventory to heavy-duty loads. The weight capacity will vary depending on the type of pallet racking system and how it’s configured. Our team of associates can help you find the most appropriate and functional pallet racking for your needs.

Absolutely! We understand that every warehouse is unique. Our team can work with you to customize a pallet racking system that optimizes the dimensions and available space while also fulfilling your specific needs.

Yes, pallet racking systems are a great and safe option to help solve storage and inventory issues. All of our new and pre-owned pallet racks comply with industry safety standards and are thoroughly inspected before being placed on our floor.

All of our used pallet racking systems are carefully assessed and inspected to ensure they meet our own internal standards as well as comply with safety regulations. You can always trust GD Liquidators to supply the best pallet racking in Edmonton. We always fully back all of our products.


Our team is ready to help you find what you need for your business.

With an impressive 100,000 square feet of warehouse space dedicated to our inventory, GD Liquidators offers a vast selection of pallet jacking systems Our extensive stock, combined with our commitment to providing no-obligation estimates, ensures that you can find the pallet jacking system you need to elevate your business operations within a budget that suits you. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in navigating through our expansive warehouse, guiding you to find the solution that your warehouse needs to enhance productivity and safety. Count on us to provide you with high-quality equipment at competitive prices, allowing you to make valuable investments in your business’s success.

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