Nov 15, 2017

Top 10 Essential Office Equipment For Your New Office

There are many needs in establishing a new office, whether it’s that your small business is big enough for you to have an actual office, or your expanding operations and adding staff, this is the time to consider the office furniture, supplies and other essentials you need to keep your business operations running as smoothly as possible.

As a supplier of new and used office furniture in Edmonton, GD Liquidators have the office essentials in the colours and styles you need for your office and budget. Whether you need to add a single desk or fully outfit multiple offices properly, at GD Liquidators our professionals will help you develop the appearance of your business at prices you can afford. Here’s a list of the essential office equipment to take you to the ‘next’ level.

  • An ergonomic office chair tops the list and will help you better focus on your work by eliminating back pain. Look for an adjustable chair, most have wheels and a swivel base, which can be customized for your specific needs. Experiment by installing plastic floor protectors for a smoother ride. You will also need a comfy chair or two for clients. 
  • An office desk can be organized and personalized but need to remain uncluttered. Invest in a desk with plenty of drawers for storage so you can keep the desktop neat and the office looking professional. Consider an adjustable height, ergonomic desk allows you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the work day. 
  • Filing cabinets are extremely vital additions to your home or office, giving your office a professional appearance, in addition to keeping you organized. There are many styles and colors available besides the traditional metal cabinets and a lateral filing systems can free up floor space. 
  • Tables are necessary, but usually an overlooked piece of office furniture. Supply your office with a large table that all your clients or employees can fit around for meetings and make sure there are enough end tables and lamps for your waiting rooms.
  • Good task lighting with overhead lighting fixtures, floor lamps, and desk lamps will allow you to comfortably work for long hours without straining your eyes. Consider investing in full spectrum lighting to create a more natural looking work space.
  • Supplies – talking pens, tape, highlighters, paper clips, stapler, scissors, trash can, sticky notes, paper, regular file folders and the hanging kind, signage, photos, art, a calendar, and a wall planner for brainstorming notes. Stock up on envelopes (closed and window types, letter size and manila) and postage. They will enable you to take notes, be creative, and go about your normal daily business.
  • Technology, in the form of a mobile phone or office system, laptop and/or desktop computers, software and apps, a printer, a wireless router can all help you manage your business. 

Start with this list as your foundation and keep on growing from there. It’s all about building a solid foundation including choosing your office and furniture supplier carefully, like GD Liquidators.

Picking out good quality and reliable new furniture or used office equipment can be difficult. Our experts at GD Liquidators are your source for not only furniture, but industrial tools as well that are suitable for your budget. Contact us, GD Liquidators, to visit our warehouse to look for the furniture and equipment you had in mind today.

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