Jan 10, 2018

Tips to Keep Your Warehouse Shelves Organized

Whether you’re shipping thousands of units or just keeping your own warehouse equipment in good order, organization is key for a properly functioning Edmonton warehouse. We at GD Liquidators, your resource for industrial shelving and used industrial tools in Edmonton, would like to share a few tips we’ve found useful to keep your warehouse shelves organized:

  • Consider organizing by high and low flow products — You’ll probably need more than one way to organize your inventory or your own warehouse equipment. If you simply organized your inventory by size, for instance, it would be simple but may not be the most efficient option. You may want to consider two different sections of the warehouse that are differently organized. One would be devoted to the inventory that has a rapid turnover, and another for less frequently used items. 
  • Eliminate clutter — Eliminating clutter means two things. First, you should always strive to keep your warehouse, industrial shelving, and racks as clean and organized as possible. Second, you should be sure that everything in your Edmonton warehouse has a clear and significant purpose. Unused items or debris just lying around will only make it harder to find what you need. If clutter gets bad enough, encroaching on lanes for forklifts, it can even be a safety hazard.
  • Labels and signs are your friends — Of course, all inventory should be thoroughly labeled with barcodes. This is just common sense as it allows you to track your efficiency at getting objects sorted and loaded and makes sure all orders are being properly filled. Don’t be afraid, however, to extend labeling to your own warehouse equipment. Like a grocery store, having signs that clearly mark different parts of your warehouse can often be a great help letting people know where everything is. It’s a small investment that can greatly increase efficiency.
  • Plan to clean — Nobody likes doing a deep clean of the warehouse. Some businesses avoid it or only do it when it becomes a problem. You should, however, plan several deep cleans of the warehouse into your yearly schedule. These days not only promote workplace hygiene, they’re opportunities to get rid of any clutter and reassess your organization strategy. Could your system work better? Have any changes occurred in your business that require a different warehouse floor plan? Answering these questions while you clean can be a great way of killing two birds with one stone.

If you need any help with used industrial tools, warehouse equipment, or industrial shelving in the Edmonton area, contact us at GD Liquidators today. We’re proud to be Canadian owned and operated and have served the Edmonton community with integrity since 1987.

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