Jan 25, 2019

The Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomic office furniture is furniture that conforms comfortably to your body, alleviating stress and strain and reducing the risk of injury. Such pieces, particularly desks and chairs, permit mechanical adjustments that allow you to adjust them so that you aren’t compelled to slump or lean while you work. This eases strain on your back and neck and provides many other advantages, including the following.

  • Health benefits. The most important advantage of using ergonomic office furniture is the positive effect on your health. Sitting with poor posture frequently leads to lower back pain, neck problems and hip stiffness. And if you work at a computer, carpal tunnel syndrome is another health problem to watch out for. Having ergonomic furniture lessens these and other work-related stresses.
  • Better productivity. If you’re stuck in a stiff, uncomfortable seat at work, you’re likely distracted by aches in your body. But when you’re able to do your job comfortably, you’ll be better able to concentrate and therefore more productive.
  • Esthetic appeal. Most cutting-edge office furniture brands are committed to producing ergonomic desks and chairs. These products are almost always esthetically pleasing, with sleek designs and elegant curves. They enhance the overall look of you office, making it look fresh and modern. In addition to having a positive effect on your employees, the added appeal will make your company more attractive to potential hires, and make a good impression on visiting clients.
  • Savings. Basic chairs and desks may cost less than ergonomic options, but there’s a very good chance that, everything considered, the latter are worth the investment. As pointed out, they’re likely to increase productivity. And, in fact, the research says as much. A study by the Washington State Department of Labour and Industries revealed productivity gains as high as 15% after ergonomic furniture were brought in to an office. Plus, there will very likely be fewer sick days among employees caused by work-related health problems.

Ergonomic office furniture in Edmonton

Have you decided to make the switch to ergonomic office furniture? GD Liquidators can help you make this happen at the lowest possible cost to your business. We have a huge selection of new and used office furniture, including many ergonomic desks and chairs. Visit our 65,000 square-foot warehouse in Edmonton, where you’ll be able to consult our staff about price, material, function, style and size. If you have any questions or if you want to inquire after a particular item, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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