Oct 02, 2016

Should You Buy New or Used Office Furniture?

If you’re looking to furnish your business space, you may be asking yourself whether you should opt for new or used office furniture. The answer to this question rests entirely upon your individual needs. Ultimately, your prime concerns will determine which route is most suitable. In the Edmonton area, GD Liquidators offers a vast inventory of both new and used office furniture to accommodate your unique priorities. Here’s how to know whether new or used works best for you.

When to Buy Used

In shopping for used office furniture you’ll find that there’s a more limited selection, no warranties, and that the goods will often have one or more minor flaws. Still, used is best if:

  • You’re on a tight budget. When you’re spending power is limited, used office furniture is the better choice. Used furniture also has a higher resale value, especially if it will be re-sold after less than five years.
  • You’ll be expanding or moving on in a year or two. An impermanent office location requires a short-term solution. Buy used.
  • An eco-friendly choice matters to you. Shop used if you want to make a choice that makes the smallest possible environmental impact. No new materials will be stripped from the environment and no new harmful chemicals will be released during production.
  • Snappy delivery time is a factor. The shortest possible delivery time comes with buying used office furniture, as items only have to be transported from purchase location to your office. There’s no waiting on manufacturing or third party transportation times.

When to Buy New

Purchasing new will up your costs significantly. Delivery times are lengthier and assembly can further lengthen the time between purchase and date of use. However, new is best if:

  • You have an ultra-specific look in mind. New office furniture is your best bet if you’re after a specific design aesthetic. There’s far greater selection when it comes to shopping new, especially if you’re seeking a sleek modern look, with bells and whistles such as ergonomic design and charging stations at each desk.
  • You want to keep your furniture for many years to come. Buy new; it’s the more permanent, longer lasting investment.
  • You want your furniture under warranty. If something breaks or doesn’t function, the manufacture will fix or replace the item. This can be a great comfort to hard-working business owners who only want to shop once.
  • Damage free is important. Buy new furniture if scratched or scuffed furniture is going to drive you crazy.

If you’re still uncertain, stop in for a visit at GD Liquidators. We have an impressive inventory for you to look over and help you decide what will work best for your office. We’re here to assist you with keeping your business on track by supplying you with great office furniture at great prices. Call us with your questions or just drop in at our Edmonton location.

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