Jun 11, 2019

Seven Factors That Can Be Considered While Choosing a Pallet Racking System

Commercial pallet racking is crucial for storing products in warehouses. It enables you to ensure the goods stay safe while maximizing storage in an orderly manner.Choosing an appropriate one for your warehouse is a complex process with various aspects to consider as making the wrong choice could negatively affect the productivity of your warehouse or lead to an expensive alteration after purchase.

Nevertheless, if sourced in line with your existing facilities and business needs, your warehouse can be equipped with a highly productive racking solution. This can be done by a warehouse solution provider who can balance the efficient flow processes upon which an effective warehouse thrives.

GD Liquidators has been providing economical solutions in the fields of warehousingindustrial tools and office furniture for over 30 years. Whether you own a distribution warehouse or a manufacturing plant, our retail and industrial shelving can organize your items.

In this blog post, our experienced technicians have mentioned the factors that you must consider while choosing a pallet racking system.

What to Keep an Eye out For

Since warehouse pallet racking is necessary for companies who have to store their inventory, several manufacturers are designing these systems with various features. This may make it confusing to choose one that will be apt for your specifications. 

Here are some factors that can be used as a checklist while selecting the pallet rack:

  • Cost and budget: As with most business transactions, the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best value. If you are buying a set of racking just because of its low cost, then you might experience problems like it no being adaptable for carrying pallets of a non-standard size.
    Ensure to invest in the expertise of an experienced warehouse solution provider who can provide a racking system that can meet your needs.
  • Purpose: It is important that you discuss with your warehouse solution provider about what the pallet racking is expected to do, based on the kind of goods that are supposed to be stored on it.
    Extra functions such as double-deep racking can offer special benefits that can save both space and cost.
  • Warehouse layout: The shape, size and height of your warehouse, as well as the positioning of windows and doors, are important factors in deciding the type of racking needed.
    An in-depth investigation of the capabilities of your warehouse by an expert solution provider can help a lot in improving its layout and functionality. This can enhance the flow processes, making the operations more effective
  • Available Height and Floor Space: A well-designed racking solution can help you capitalize on all possibilities that exploit the floor space and maximize the vertical dimensions of your warehouse. Racking systems like high bay racking can efficiently raise your vertical storage capacity by reaching heights of up to 40 metres. These can potentially double the capacity than other forms of racking.
    It’s advisable to consider the extra cost of a racking crane for accessing higher levels if you do implement this system.
  • Safety: Annual pallet racking inspections are recommended across the industry because safety is a critical factor to consider.
    Knowing that your racking is made with a high standard method and then skillfully installed in line with stringent guidelines for loading will ensure that your staff are protected.
  • Adjustability: Your business needs may grow to need a racking system that can be adjusted for different uses and pallet size.
    From modifying existing shelf height to removing or adding parts, knowing your racking system can adapt easily to changes can be reassuring.
  • Durability and Modularity: These factors are very important in conditions of extreme weather variations or busy warehouse environments.
    Before finalizing on the racket system for your business, consider the longevity of your structure.

Talk to your business managers about sales growth and how your warehouse capacity is currently accommodating your goods. Look into what changes should be made down the line.

Let us Help

At GD Liquidators, our team can help you find the pallet racking most apt for your warehouse. Whether you need to set up a single industrial space or own multiple warehouses, you can always count on us.

For information on pallet rack safety, read our blog post – Best Practices for Pallet Rack Safety.

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