Oct 06, 2021

Is Working Remotely the New Normal? Office Furniture You’ll Need for Your Home Office

The pandemic has made everyone re-examine their lives in more ways than one. Simple things have been taken for granted. Many people have had to transition into a work-from-home situation.

When you work from home, there are undoubtedly some perks attached. For example, you are free to work in your pyjamas and no longer need to spend time on a commute. However, to stay productive while working from home, adjustments will need to be made as lines between office and home life may blur.

Choosing the right office furniture will ensure you create a productive workstation. How can you decide what is right for you? Read GD Liquidators’ guide below to find the perfect solution for you!

Office Furniture

What makes you feel most productive and focused? If you don’t already have a designated area, what space could you carve out? 

Office furniture, when applied to a home setting, can take on a whole new form. You have much more say in what you choose and where it goes. Rather than having mundane beige-coloured walls, you can jazz it up with potted plants and pops of colour.

Let’s discuss what office furniture you’ll need to accommodate your daily needs.


With your desk, aim to create an ergonomic workstation. You want a desk to feel comfortable and more than just where your laptop lives.

Have your everyday needs in mind when choosing the right desk for you. It should be the proper height and fulfill all your storage needs.


Your rolling chair ought to compliment your desk. You’re sitting at your desk for 8 hours or more, so you want something that delivers on comfort.

Does the chair have adjustable features? Does the chair offer lumbar support? You don’t want to develop a bad back or legs just because you didn’t find the right chair.

Filing Cabinets

Do you have a lot of papers that need to be filed away? Set yourself up for a filing cabinet. You’ll want something that fits the size of your home office.

You don’t want a cluttered desk. Organizing your files will ensure a happy and healthy workstation.


What about office shelving? This is where you can spruce and liven up your workspace. Fill your bookshelves with doodads, pictures, artwork, or plants.

You could even place baskets at the bottom of your shelves to help with staying organized as well.


Is there anything else you’re missing? Do you need a whiteboard? How about some bins to store by your desk? 

There are bound to be some extraneous things you are forgetting. It takes time to build the right space for your needs. It is a bit of a trial and error in that regard.

An Easy Office Solution in Edmonton

Have you chosen the right office furniture yet? We have just what you’re looking for.

They say the only constant is change, so it helps to feel grounded. Make your home office something you can call your own.

Be sure to visit GD Liquidators in Edmonton and Alberta to find just what you’re looking for. Now let’s get to work!

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