Feb 16, 2017

Investing in Industrial Tools in Edmonton

nvesting in your business involves a lot more than throwing money around – that is if you want to stay in business. When it comes to industrial tools in Edmonton at great prices, turn to the professionals at GD Liquidators. Serving trades of all types, we keep Edmonton working every day with a wide selection of new and used hand, power, and air tools from top manufacturers like DeWalt®, Makita®, RIGID® and many others with over 65,000 square feet of warehouse space.

While GD Liquidators understands the value we bring to Edmonton businesses, we also want to ensure that you are investing wisely and as such, offer this advice to ensure you have the right tool at the right price by evaluating your needs, setting a budget, knowing the market, and testing the tools before buying to mitigate the risk of buying other people’s junk. 

Start with a plan – stay focused on your industrial needs and uses, only buy what you need at that time and buy the best tools to do the job. Make sure you know the capabilities of your current tool lineup before dropping cash on tools you don’t really need. 

  • Do your research – find out how much the tools cost new by visiting retail websites, visit stores so you can actually pick them up, from low-end to top-of-the-line. Make notes on the prices and available features including safety and use it as a baseline when evaluating prices.
  • Be hands on – Hand tools and other non-power tools can come with a transferable lifetime warranty, and steel hand tools are also easy to clean and restore. For power tools, you’ll need to inspect each to ensure it’s working properly and have been maintained to a safe standard. Cords, plugs, blade guards, and other safety equipment should all be on the tool and intact. Cordless tools batteries can be more costly than the tool in some instances so if you must, buy it on a battery platform you already own – you’ll be more familiar and you’ll have already have spares. 
  • Know your brands – some are DIY/household use and others are contractor grade for professional builders. Buy off-season for weather related tools, and start looking in the project planning phase rather than in the middle of the project and are desperate for the tool. 

There are many places to purchase slightly used and sell off equipment but be cautious of deals that are too good to be true. Stolen tools are often fenced off the street or online – if it feels fishy walk away. Other options include pawnshops, thrift stores, live and online auctions, garage sales, flea markets, and of course, retail. One of the most cost effective ways to buy a wide selection of new and used tools is through GD Liquidators. 

When you need industrial tools in Edmonton, visit GD Liquidators. Our inventory changes frequently, so if you want to check on a specific tool, give us a call at 780-447-2787 today. No matter what your office or business equipment requirements may be, GD Liquidators can provide you with the products that you need.

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