Nov 28, 2018

How to Safely Store Even the Toughest Pallet Rack Load

Pallet racking can be found in almost all warehouses in Edmonton. While this type of warehouse storage is made to hold tightly wrapped and covered pallets, it’s often used to store other things. While you should already be following standard safety procedures like training your staff on how to load racks and use equipment safely, there are special considerations to be taken when storing irregularly shaped items.

Storing irregular loads safely

While basic pallet rack safety is key, storing items that are heavier than usual, irregularly shaped or loose, can make safe storage a little more complicated. Here are guidelines for storing some of the more common irregular loads.

  • Manufacturing tools
    If you do any manufacturing in your warehouse, you need a place to store the necessary tools when they’re not in use. Steel pallet racks are a good solution, because they’re strong enough to hold the weight. However, it’s important to implement safe handling processes to avoid any injuries or accidents when your employees try to access the tools they need. Make sure you have enough racks to hold each item safely, and provide hoists or cranes to remove extremely heavy equipment from their racks.
  • Long items
    Long items like pipes, metal girders and lumber can be stored vertically to save space. This many require a rack without an upper deck to properly store them. Wire deck dividers or A-frame dividers create slots to store these items, which reduces the chances of them falling.
    Items that aren’t strong enough to hold themselves upright must be stored horizontally. Make sure your racks are wide enough to store these items, and use a forklift with a ram pole attachment to move these items safely.
  • Loose goods
    Things that aren’t properly wrapped or secured onto pallets sometimes need to be stored. These create a security risk, as there’s a strong chance of them falling. Whatever the reason for storing these loose items, make sure you follow the rack’s specifications for height, weight and depth to ensure safe storage.

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