Aug 22, 2023

How Pallet Racking Can Improve Your Warehouse

When selecting the most efficient and optimal storage solution, pallet racking is the ideal solution. Pallet racking allows you to prioritize your warehouse organization, use vertical storage space optimally and create easy processing flows within your warehouse. The benefits of implementing pallet racking is essential in streamlining processes and operations. Additionally, pallet racking has the ability to be customized to any kind of storage needs or layouts. 

How can pallet racking improve your warehouse?

Pallet racking or industrial shelving is one of the most advantageous warehouse storage solutions, given their durable, safe and organizational purposes. They are renowned for helping increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy. This is due to their versatility when it comes to their application — they are capable of being used in simple inventory systems to complex multi-level installations. 

Implementing pallet racking also has safety advantages. It can help keep employees safe from potential hazards such as falling inventory, tripping on obstacles and allows for more stock visibility. Their customizable nature is able to conform to any warehouse layout and comes in light, medium and heavy-duty storage options. 

Improved storage capacity and optimized organization flows

For warehouses with serious inventory needs, a pallet racking system can maximize your bulk storage capacity. Since pallet racking allows warehouses to build vertically, it saves precious space and allows for better visibility of stock and inventory. 

By instituting different kinds of racking, it can vastly improve the profitability and productivity of your warehouse operations. The way that empty and loaded pallets are stored have a direct influence on the efficiency of the warehouse.  

Pallet racking also has advanced to be more accommodating to workflow management. Systems like push-back or drive-in pallet racking have further decreased the number of aisles within warehouses so that workflows can be more adequately managed.

Improved productivity 

Pallet racking is integral for maintaining accuracy and operational efficiency within a warehouse. Disorganization can lead to mistakes in all facets of a company, whether it be processing and shipping, inventory counts, data entry or receiving shipments. The amount of time it could potentially take to search and sort through equipment and products wastes company time, resources and affects the profitability. 

Furthermore, pallet racking systems can also be integrated with digital technology. For example, elements like digital tracking and automation become easier when pallet racks are installed in a high-density automated warehouse system. 

Customizable solutions for any need

Pallet racking is one of the most versatile options for reducing clutter and disorganization within your warehouse. Another bonus is that pallet racks can be applied to pretty much any storage need. No matter if your industry is retail, manufacturing or distribution, industrial shelving is capable of holding a variety of inventory up to 26000 lbs per bay.

Depending on the infrastructure of your warehouse will dictate which kinds of pallet racks will work best for your needs and industry. If you feel unsure of which pallet racks would fit your warehouse best, it’s best to consult with a professional and knowledgeable pallet rack supplier. 

What different kinds of pallet racks are there?

The kind of pallet rack you will need depends heavily on what functional use you’d like the rack to have.   

Some of the  different kinds of pallet racks include: 

Selective pallet racking: This is the most common kind of pallet rack used in warehouses and distribution centres. These racks allow for direct access to every pallet without needing to move and rearrange them.

Reel racking: Reel racking is a kind of racking system that is designed to store spooled materials such as wire or cable. It can accommodate various sizes, weights and materials without compromising their integrity. 

Cantilever racking: Cantilever racking is one of the more heavy-duty storage systems designed to store long, bulky or awkward materials (such as lumber, pipes, etc.). Cantilever racks don’t have posts on the front, so it’s free of obstructions. 

Is it better to buy new pallet racking or used pallet racking?

When it comes to buying new or used pallet racking, it really comes down to your budget. Used pallet racking still has all the integrity that new pallet racking would have, but it may not have the shiny, brand-new look as new pallet racking.

When trying to make the decision on what kind of racking you need, whether to go with new pallet racking or used pallet racking, the best person to talk to is one of our staff here at GD Liquidators. Since 1987, we have been helping businesses in the Edmonton area satisfy their pallet racking needs. Contact us today!

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