Aug 02, 2023

Easy Ways to Transform Your Home Office With Office Furniture

No matter if you’re working at home or in the office, the furniture around you has a direct impact on your productivity. It doesn’t matter if you decide to furnish your home office with used office furniture or ones with the price tag still attached, the way it can transform your space is invaluable. 

It can feel a little overwhelming when shopping for new office furniture, there are many factors and elements to take into consideration. To help with the selection process, here are some easy ways to best optimize and add value to your home office. 

Does the kind of office furniture you have really matter?

Office furniture has more than just a functional use, studies have shown that office furniture also impacts those who work and use the space. Factors like productivity, mental health and work ethic all have a correlation to the furniture in your office. 

Choose the right kind of chair

Office chairs are one of the most important parts of anyone’s home office. Especially since you can spend up to 40 hours a week sitting in your chair, it’s crucial to find one that accommodates and suits your needs. But not all office chairs are made the same, there are several different kinds of chairs available in today’s market. 

Different kinds of office chairs can include: 

Executive chairs: This type of chair offers adjustable height and recline capabilities. These chairs have the trifecta of status, comfort and beautifully crafted aesthetics. 

Task chairs: Tasks chairs are designed with maneuverability and lightweightedness in mind. Often task chairs are characterized by their smaller backrest and mesh components. 

Ergonomic chairs: Ergonomic chairs are made to support the body, prevent distractions and discomfort, while also promoting good posture. They are one of the most adjustable chairs and help align the shoulders, spine, hips and support the natural position of your joints.

Don’t overlook the desk

Next to your office chair, your office desk is another fundamental component. Choosing the right desk for your office takes significant consideration. The desk you select not only needs to fit your own work needs and style but also needs to be considerate of the available space, layout of the room and additional organizational needs. 

It’s important to keep in mind some of the following factors when filtering through your desk options. Things like:

  • The kind of work you do
  • The size and configuration of your office layout 
  • Whether you do more computer work, written work or a hybrid of both 
  • The kind of surface or style you prefer
  • Any organizational needs
  • Your height and comfort

Selecting the right desk does more than just provide a place to sit and work. It is also the centre point of your whole office space, with so many kinds of desks available it’s best to ensure you pick one suitable for your needs. The kinds of desks you can choose from range from executive desks to compact writing and many more. 

Visible visualization and organization 

When you’re surrounded by the right equipment and supplies, it makes it easy to maximize your productivity and efficiency, all while minimizing disorganization and frustration. Organizational and visual aids like whiteboards and corkboards have many positive benefits. Research has shown that it benefits an individual’s visualization and creative process. 

Whiteboards and cork boards help arrange and display information which leads to better brainstorming and organization. Other organizational elements like filing cabinets or larger office furniture can also add value to your space but are best be procured through a used office furniture supplier. 

Invest in ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic seats and desks can improve productivity. Being seated comfortably helps reduce distractions since people won’t be constantly fidgeting or readjusting their position. Since ergonomic chairs take different factors like different heights, weights, body shapes of the user into account it can adjust to different angles and heights to best suit them. 

This can include: 

  • Office Chairs 
  • Desk units 
  • Accessories (such as monitor arms, keyboard, computer stands, anti-fatigue mats, task lights, footrests, document holders, etc.)

Another benefit of having ergonomic furniture is the associated health benefits. According to the Institute for Work & Health in Canada, ergonomic interventions may reduce up to 62% of workers’ compensation claims, rates of injuries by two-thirds, and hours lost by 35%.

Ergonomic office chairs, desk units and other furniture are some of the best and most effective ways to ensure you stay comfortable and happier at work.

The largest inventory of used and new office furniture in Edmonton

No matter if you’re looking for new or used office furniture, it’s best to choose a supplier that has a wide range of selections. Crafting and creating the best home office for yourself doesn’t have to be a monotonous task. GD Liquidators is Edmonton’s largest supplier of new and used office furniture. 

We have home office furniture in a variety of colours, finishes, sizes and styles. Our professional and experienced staff are ready to help you create a home office that’s not only comfortable, and functional but satisfies all your needs and wants. 

Contact us today to learn more about our inventory and get started today!

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