Mar 15, 2021

COVID-19 Guidelines and Resources for Warehouses

Do you keep your warehouse safe enough during COVID-19?

Contending with COVID-19 has been difficult for more than 100,000 businesses in Canada. When you need to keep business going in the midst of the pandemic, how do you make sure your workers stay safe?

Medical experts have released helpful COVID-19 guidelines for warehouse owners and the public. Below, you will find a detailed guide to keeping your warehouse safe until the sickness dies out. You will also learn about how we keep the best industrial supply store Edmonton offers safe!

Please keep reading to learn more about COVID-19 and what our warehouse equipment Edmonton has to offer!

Have a Plan

COVID-19 prevention should involve keeping sick workers away from the rest of your organization. Right now, 4,840 Albertans have COVID-19 and possess the ability to spread the disease. Albertans have also expressed reluctance to get the vaccine, making it crucial we all work together to slow the spread.

As such, you should require your in-person employees to take tests regularly and have a plan for if someone tests positive.


First, you should make it a company policy that every COVID-19-positive worker stays at home until they have fully recovered. 

If their position allows them to work from home, give them that option. People have a wide range of reactions to COVID-19, from asymptomatic to requiring hospitalization. While some workers might be too sick to work, others might feel well enough to work from home. 

Know Social Distancing Guidelines

In all areas of Alberta, people must wear masks in public. This includes employees working in businesses.

The Albertan government has also asked companies only to ask necessary workers to come into work. Everyone else should work from home. 

Ensure everyone in your organization remains aware of local laws and complies with them while on the job. Maintain clear lines of communication about company-wide policies as well.

The World Health Organization (WHO) proposes practicing social distancing, which involves keeping people masked and 6 feet away from other people.

Ways to Practice Social Distancing in Your Warehouse

Warehouses present great opportunities for practicing social distancing. Yet, you may need to rearrange some areas. 

Start with separating your employees’ workstations. Place them at least 6 feet apart from one other. You might also consider placing plastic shields in between workstations. This keeps COVID-19 particles from traveling between workstations.

Next, redesign the pathways through your warehouse. Make one-way aisles and thoroughfares. This keeps people from passing one another in close proximity. Ask employees to maintain at least 6 feet from each other when navigating the warehouse. 

You should also disinfect your warehouse often. This becomes especially true in shared spaces, such as the bathroom. 

How We Keep You Safe Using COVID-19 Guidelines

How do we keep the best store warehouse equipment Edmonton offers open?

We commit ourselves to customer safety and follow COVID-19 guidelines. For the benefit of our guests, we ask you to refrain from coming in if you feel unwell or have been out of Canada within the last 14 days.

We also request only those who intend to make a purchase to come into the store. If you wish to browse or pass the time, we ask you to look at our website. This limits the number of people in our store and keeps everyone safe. 

If you do enter the store, please use the hand sanitizer provided. No touching is allowed. Should you sneeze or cough, please use a tissue or your elbow instead of your hands.

Want to Shop from the Best Industrial Supply Store Edmonton Has?

If you are ready to shop the warehouse equipment Edmonton has while staying safe, come into our store!

At GD Liquidators, we follow all of Alberta’s COVID-19 guidelines. This guarantees you the safest possible shopping experience!

Should you have any questions about our inventory, don’t hesitate to contact us. You may also call us with any inquiries about how we keep you safe.

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