Dec 03, 2018

Could Varied Storage be just what your Warehouse Needs?

t’s easy to get overwhelmed with storage options for your warehouse, especially if you have many different types of products on your industrial shelving. Every warehouse is different, each with its own storage needs and sales volumes. If you’re having a hard time keeping your Edmonton warehouse organized, you may want to think about varied storage.

What is varied storage?

Varied storage simply means using different types of storage in the same warehouse to maximize your space and make it easier to find the things you’re looking for.

These are the main types of warehouse storage and each has many different options within the larger category.

  • Static storage
    This is the storage that you’re probably familiar with, and may already have in your warehouse. It includes things like bolt-together units, and pallet racks. It’s often used to store items that don’t fit in other storage systems or for storing items that don’t get picked often.
  • Reel Shelving
    We supply shelving that is made specifically for hose reels and other types of spooled items. They are made up of an A-Frame that connects together and have hooks to place steel bars on. You pass these bars through the center hole of a reel and it allows you to store and unravel reels without moving them.
  • EZ-Rect
    We also supply variety of bolt together storage units for light items, and a click together style known as EZ-Rect that is very customizable and rated for much higher capacities. You can also build continuous rows of it to help save on pieces and space.

GD Liquidators has everything you need to maximize your warehouse space. Whether you need industrial shelving, storage cabinets or warehouse handling equipment for your Edmonton warehouse or business, we’ve got it. Visit us today to take a look at our huge selection of new and used items.

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