Sep 28, 2018

5 design ideas to help you modernize your office space

Is your office space dusty, dated or dimly lit? A dull workspace can not only hurt company morale but also make for an unpleasant experience for clients who come to visit your space. If you’re looking for modern office furniture or other bright design ideas for your Edmonton workspace, then keep reading below for five design ideas that’ll help you modernize your space and create a great first impression.

1. Declare war on clutter
Find yourself adding new filing cabinets year after year? Tripping over piles of paper and stacks of boxes? There’s a better way. Make it a company policy to routinely clear out old files before they pile up. Anything that needs to be kept should be sorted and filed by date, and everything else should be recycled. You’d be surprised what keeping the workspace clean and tidy will do for company morale.

2. Change the flow
Many office spaces still feature rows and rows of cubicles that create narrow walkways and cut employees off from one another. Rearrange cubicles and workstations to create an open concept office that will change the flow of your space and encourage creativity and collaboration in your team.

3. Light it up
Open up your office to as much natural light as you possibly can. If your space doesn’t have many windows, adding modern light fixtures is a great way to brighten up your office and lighten the atmosphere. For a modern look, think artsy chandeliers rather than egg-crate fluorescent panels.

4. Think outside the cubicle
Creating spaces where employees can go to work away from their desk is a great way to modernize your space and boost creativity and productivity. Add coffee-house style couches in out of the way corners for impromptu meetings and touch-point gatherings between a small number of employees.

5. Update your furniture
The colours, flow and atmosphere of your interior space have a big impact on your company culture and morale. If you’re a modern start-up that’s full of energy, you probably won’t want your office space to be filled with a hodgepodge of mismatched corporate furniture from the 80s. Think of your office space as an extension of your brand and design it to match.

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