Sep 12, 2020

4 Important Benefits of Warehouse Shelving

If you own or work in a warehouse, you know how crucial it is to have your products accessible. Items caught in the back or haphazardly flung in the wrong spot will cut your efficiency when they get misplaced.

We sell and supply warehouse equipment in Edmonton, and we know the importance of sturdy, functional, and simple warehouse shelving. 

In this blog, you’ll learn the benefits of pallet warehouse shelving and the organization it brings with it. You’ll understand why pallet systems are the unsung heroes of modern-day shipping history.

1. Accessibility

Pallet racking systems are perfect for those looking to improve their current storage system. The visibility of your stored products will be improved. You’ll have a clearer picture of how much stock you have, and you’ll be able to store vertically.

Storing vertically means that you are able to store a whole lot more products with limited floor space. Even a small warehouse can supply a hefty amount of merchandise with reduced square footage as long as they’re willing to go up.

2. Accident Protection

Pallet racking systems are sturdy and reliable. Our pallet assembly ensures that products do not get damaged in the retrieval or moving process. Unlike traditional storage systems, having a high inventory does not mean you’re at risk for damage costs.

Even though the most popular racking equipment is wood, these systems ensure that no damage is done to them or the product.

3. Building and Expansion

Once installation of the pallet system completes, you aren’t locked into the size you chose. If you acquire more warehouse space, you can easily add new parts to your current pallet system. Think of it as a giant lego building that can be changed, reduced, and expanded based on your warehouse’s needs.

If you’re local and looking for warehouse equipment in Edmonton, we are here for you when you decide to expand or change your layout.

4. Customization

Double-depth racks ensure that fetching many products from one storage unit goes smoothly. Heavy-duty racks can carry heavy loads and are perfect for the storage of many types of merchandise.

Regardless of your storage challenges, there is a pallet system available to help.

Get Warehouse Equipment in Edmonton Today!

GD Liquidators is an industrial supply store in Edmonton that specializes in new and used warehouse equipment. We specialize in metal shelving and pallet rack supply. With special consideration of intended size, quality of material, and your budget, we will supply you with the most efficient warehouse equipment in Edmonton.

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